2016  Pre-season Schedule

FIRST DAY - August 14th (administrative day) 

FIRST PRACTICE - August 15th (NCAA rules mandate 25 practice opportunities before our first game, every school counts "back" based on the date of the first game and first day of classes. 

VARSITY SCRIMMAGE vs. ADRIAN COLLEGE - August 25th (at Home - 6pm) the focus will be on our varsity players at this point. First-year players will not know if they are playing in this contest until approximately the 23rd. 

FRESHMAN SCRIMMAGE - August 27th (at Home - 2pm) this contest will likely be a intra-squad format and feature all first-year players who did not play against Adrian. 

INTRA-SQUAD SCRIMMAGE - September 1st (at Home - 730 pm)



It s not too late to sign up for the annual golf outing on August 13th. Great way to have fun the day before camp begins. You do not need a entire foresome. We will pair up singles and groups of 2 or 3.

Click this link to access signup for this event!  http://www.onusports.com/sports/fball/2015-16/files/FBGolfOuting16.pdf

LADIES EVENT: Saturday, August 27th 12:30pm - 2:30pm

Saturday, August 27th (approximately 12:30 registration / event from 1-2:30)

This would be prior to a FROSH scrimmage at approximately 2pm.

Last fall, Head Coach Dean Paul and his football staff conducted an event to promote Football and help women learn more about the game. The event was held on a Thursday night from 6-8:45 and attracted a crowd of about 20 women. The funds raised were donated to a local crisis center which supports resources for local women. 

The women who attended the event last year were primarily from the ONU campus community (faculty, staff, wives).  We are hoping our Saturday date will allow us to attract more participation directly from the ONU Football family (moms, aunts, friends, etc)! See you there!



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